Friday, March 28, 2008


I have a lovely little MySpace blog that I enjoy. I have found lots of lovely little friends who say lots of lovely little things to my lovely little posts. And all of that has been just dandy.

My friend got a new blog last week. She ditched MySpace and came over here to blogspot. I had cyberanger at her, because how dare she make it more difficult for me to check up on her?!

And made sense.

I think of blogs in my head while I am brushing my teeth, microwaving a homecooked meal, or fighting with my husband.

Just wait til I paint you out to be the monster you are! I think to myself...Bwahahahaha!

But not all of my ideas are appropriate for MySpace. Not because I want to post ugly nudie pics or drop the 'F' bomb every other sentence, but because MySpace is just so...public.

I know that I can change my settings and only allow my 'friends' to read my stuff. But I like having an 'open blog' policy. I have met some great people this way; and to be honest...I like it when they give me cyberprops.

Yes, I am indeed that thirsty for compliments and/or affirmation.

But I admit that there are certain things or topics or ideas that I don't want to just put out there for the whole world (137 people) to read. You never know when someone who doesn't understand your sense of humor or has no sympathy for irony or knows your grandfather and he would NOT approve! is going to stop by and take a gander at your most personal thoughts.

So welcome my scariest and most deranged ideas about life.

I hope that I'll be able to post here more often than I do on MySpace, where I get performance anxiety.

Yes, I'll make sure to speak with my mental health worker about my web-induced anxiety.

But for now, sit down and read. I want to talk to you as if you are listening; as if we were sitting down for a lovely little cup of tea and a lovely large scone.

TiffyPop Unplugged. Hope you like it.


Beth McDermott said...

Do cyber tea and scones still have a calorie count...?
I feel privileged to be part of the inner circle... it doesn't scratch the itch of necessity for blog comment lovin like myspace, but you can DEFINITELY get away with saying more...

Beth McDermott said...

ps- let me know when I can post you on my blog stalk list...