Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Don't Bring Me Into This - God

I hate when I'm driving and I see someone with the infamous fish emblem on their car. They are inevitably the worst driver on the road at any given time. I realize that I am overgeneralizing, but this is my blog. Feel free to refute me on your own blog, but I probably won't read it. (Said with a wry smile and wink rather than a raised fist of fury)

It isn't the Ichthus that bothers me. Nothing wrong with a Christian symbol, I fully support them. I wear a cross and make the sign of the cross and have icons in my home. In fact, I have a Celtic cross tatooed on my lower back.

My problem is when the driver acts like a jerk and cuts in and out of traffic, rides your bumper, sticks their middle finger up and the like. I want to strip them of their Ichthus and stick it up their undercarriage.

I am sensitive about safe driving in general. I was in a wretched accident in which our car was hit by a drunk driver. Two of my friends lost their lives in a car accident. Though accidents happen even with the safest of drivers, I nonetheless care very much about making car rides as safe as they can be. I take it personally when someone decides to act like an idiot while driving heavy machinery. It is all fun and games when we are in bumper cars. But if you bumper my real car, Mama Bear is going to get on out of the Stratus and beat yo' booty for putting her cubs in danger.

I consider it a double insult when the Bumper Car idiot has a 'Christians Aren't Perfect, They Are Just Saved' sticker. Bonus anger points if they have multiple stickers, like 'Democrats=Devil' or 'My Boss Is A Jewish carpenter'. I understand that regardless of religious or philosophical beliefs, we are all fallen people who do stupid things. This is why when I wear a cross I don't feel like a hypocrite when I do something dumb. I try not to do the dumb things, but sometimes I fail.

There seems to be a line, however fine it is, that distinguishes the groups of those that fail and those that do not care. I am sure that I have cut someone off without meaning to. But Lord help me if I ever flip someone off whilst driving the church van. I don't mean to imply that you should have lax behavior when you are on your 'own time'. But I do think that if you are blatantly affiliating yourself with an organization that has specific beliefs, you should work extra hard to uphold those beliefs ESPECIALLY if you are wearing their t-shirt, bumper sticker, or vehicle.

We wouldn't think very highly of a PETA spokesperson who wore leather, even if we personally have a knock-off red leather Dulce bag. It just doesn't make sense why you would identify yourself with something you couldn't identify.

Before I confuse even myself and lapse into staring out the window at the impending storm, I will get back to my point.

Whenever I see such traffic behavior, I imagine God wincing. Sometimes he shakes his head and sometimes he groans in amazement. I'm not being mean, sometimes I imagine God doing that because of my own misdeeds.

I pass a little church on my way home from work. It always has horrible little sayings on the marquee. They make Austin and I feel mad and superior. Which I'm sure causes one of those groans I am talking about. But in my head I have applied a saying to that board.

'Don't Bring Me Into This!' - God

I wonder if God ever gets tired of being blamed for things. The Crusades, for example, which is a much better example than a car fish. People have always done things in the name of religion, and God specifically. Many times they have been correct. Most times, it seems, they have been wrong. Who am I to decide? Nobody, really. But judging by the number of people that get hurt 'in Jesus' name' we need to be more careful.

Before I get blasted, please know that I do believe that people hear from God. I truly do. I just think that humans are ought to err, and therfore we should be very careful when saying that God told us to do something.

I was in loooove with a boy in high school. Not really, but you know what I mean. He was the first guy I really liked, and he seemed to like me in return. We weren't dating, but we were good friends and that was fun enough. Then we went to church camp. He took me aside and told me that God had told him we shouldn't persue any type of relationship besides the good friendship we already had. God had enlightened him that he just needed to focus on the skies; look towards HEAVEN! Hallelujah, etc. Though inwardly disappointed, I told him that he had made the right choice. I was in no way going to stand between he and the Almighty.

The next day I was walking on the camp's nature walk with a friend. This was hands down the most boring camp I have ever been to, and as a pastor's kid, I have been to tons. So on my 17th perusal of the nature that Heber, Arizona had to offer, I saw my 'friend' walking towards me...in deep and close discussion...with another girl.

Ahh. I guess her name was Heaven, because they were now dating.

I don't think it would have stung so badly had he not brought God into it. The logical part of my brain (small part, but still there) told me that of course God hadn't told him that. He just wanted a way out! But the emotional part of my brain was very let down. Not only my pride was hurt and my feelings, but it mixed up my hurt feelings with my faith. I wasn't really sure how to sort that out. Once you mix it all together, it gets sticky.

Perhaps I am weaker minded or weaker of faith than most. I wouldn't doubt that very much. But does anybody else hate when these things happen?

I also received a 'Word' from someone who was acting on God's behalf. Crazy thing was, God didn't know about it. This 'Word' prophecied that I would marry the guy who was focused on Heaven and start a camp ministry. Sort of funny, sort of not. As a pastor's daughter, I have received many such prophecies, and I take them with grace. I'm not tooting my own proverbial horn, but I do. I appreciate that people go out on a limb and tell me something that they feel is important. I wouldn't ever rub it in their face. But I do think that if we have a 'Word' or even an inkling of an idea, we should present it as such. Even true prophets have to make sure that they are staying in line with God's already given Word and are not subjecting their subjects to their own whims of thought.

I have one horrific and totally unbelievable story that would really work to prove my point here. But it is too awful, and you might not believe it anyways. Let's just say that my therapist started taking meds when I brought it up. No, not really. But I'm trying to deflect any questions about the event.

Even those with strong faith get bowled over by those speaking for 'God'. And they get disillusioned and worn down and don't know what to do.

I can't imagine how frustrated God gets when this happens; it frustrates me enough. I can only hope and pray that I never do something that makes God groan in frustration. Well, I can at least hope that I don't contribute to anyone losing faith in their faith.

But that is all for now, I'm typing in traffic and it is starting to rain. Better go.

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