Monday, June 22, 2009

Potter Watch

This isn't a long discussion about anything, really...not anything other than pure obsession.
If you don't love Harry Potter, you probably won't be interested. If you aren't mildly curious or related to someone who is a Potterphile, you should just fill you time by taking another Facebook quiz. If you are one of those 'Harry Potter is the devil' folk, you should really stop reading.

We are 23 days out from experiencing the next heavy dose of much needed Potter love, and I have to say that waiting is half the fun. This isn't an across the board statement, as I cannot say that waiting for certain things in life are much fun at all. But in the wide warm world of Harry James Potter, we now know that much of the wonder is in the wait.

I didn't hop on the Hogwarts Express at the first book. No, like many, it took awhile for the news of the wizard book to reach my ears. I don't disdain so-called children's literature, but I also don't comb the shelves looking for the next up and coming author. I don't really have time to do this in any genre, so I have to wait for those lovely lazy days at the bookstore when I can pick up all the books that strike my fancy and make a mental note to read them in the months to come.

Well, my sister is an English teacher extraordinaire. I say this because she will read whatever her kids are reading, so she can stay current and appear to be cool. Which of course she is, but you an 11 year old...

She read the first book and pronounced it quite good. For someone of superior intellect, as all Scott ladies are known to be, I had to believe her. Her opinion is worth solid gold except when she is spewing poison about Sarah McLachlan.

I am going to admit to the wide world that I was extremely skeptical. Not because it was about a wizard or because it was shelved in the kid section. Nope....this all stemmed from an entirely different tree.

Or, shall I say, an onion.

At the time, I was dating someone (author overcomes urge to bash said someone) whose family liked to read things by James Dobson. Dr. Dobson is obviously a very intelligent individual who has helped many people. I don't often agree with what he says, but I can agree that he does what he thinks is best for those who ask his advice.

Well, I was reading one of these enlightening glossy newsletters one day at Someone's house. I have to read at all times if not otherwise mentally engaged. I cannot sit down to eat or drink alone; I simply must have reading material. Thus I found myself eating the words of the Dobson report on J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter.


I knew my sister liked the book and couldn't believe that she would condone reading books about child suicide, animal sacrifice, and the like.

Fast forward, fact checking, fat lie.

The 'report' was based on The Onion, a funny yet satirical site that at any given time has a number of very engaging and very untrue articles.

And thus, I read the book. And then I read the next one.

And then the 3rd, then the 4th.

Austin and I took turns on who got to read the next one first. We almost killed each other (but not for reals, don't worry Mr. Dobson) waiting for the outcome of books 5 and 6.

We finally had the forethought and money to purchase two copies of book 7. Otherwise, Mr. Dobson, we really might have drawn blood.

Austin and I took a college course on Harry Potter and his literary predecessors. Many a smart man (though never woman...hmmm) scoffed at such an offering in a place of higher learning. However, it was one of the more challenging and engaging college courses I've taken.

We have watched every movie with a fervor that rivals waiting for a child's birth. Don't judge what you don't understand. After all, movie going is fun and giving birth is not.

We have a number of lovely t-shirts that proclaim PLATFORM 9 3/4, FIZZING WHIZBEES, DUMBLEDORE'S ARMY, and more.

We opted to spend our anniversary eating a very nice fancy dinner and then changing into Potter attire to attend the midnight book release of The Deathly Hallows.

All this and more, because Harry Potter...well...he rocks.

I keep telling myself that I'll write a nice long lovely university level paper for you detailing all the finer aspects of why fantasy and fairy tales tell us so much more about life than the real, boring, everyday stories. Don't take my word for it though, as I'm not really anyone important. C.S. Lewis said as much, which should be good enough for you. If not, I don't think you and I will get along anyways.

The lovely, the talented, the uber intelligent Rowling said that she had a spot of depression after finishing her last Potter book. I can imagine! I've spent the last decade waiting for the next book to come out, writing out theories, having long chats with other intelligent fans such as myself, and trying to find the perfect caldron cake recipe.

After the great climax of book 7 had finished, I stared at the wall for a bit, just taking it all in.

Then, like any good Potter fan, I turned the book over and started again!

As post-Potter world began to become a reality, I reread each book, watched the movies and lamented the terrible handling of Prisoner of Azkaban. I planned a theme park, only to find months later that Universal was planning a real one. Score one more on my tally sheet of great ideas arrived at a little too late. I listen to the audio books when I'm cleaning the house, or when I'm having trouble falling asleep. Jim Dale has quite the voice for reading, if you weren't already aware.

I love all kinds of books. I have many favorites, and many favorites yet to come.

But for reasons that you will only understand if you understand (deep...ha!) Harry Potter keeps a snug spot in my heart, right by the cushy armchairs in the Gryffindor common room.

I'm ok with life after Potter. After all, there's no way she could keep up the brilliance forever. (Although, if anybody could...)

With that being said, I'm so ready for my face to hit the cool waters of the Pensieve. I need a quick bite from Honeydukes, and a nice bottle of butterbeer from Madame Rosmerta (although in this next movie installment she is quite far from her normal self).

If it wasn't totally scandalous and obvious, I'd name my next child after a Potter character.

And so, that is all for today. I'm just reveling in the obsession, and so excited that the waiting is almost done...but not quite over yet.

I'm overdue for a bit of eager anticipation.

It unlocks my cold black heart just a little bit, and helps me to stay alert and alive.



Beth McDermott said...

a.) i dont understand. which scott sister has beef with sarah m? this could ruin our friendship if you are the one who doesn't like her.

b.) cauldron cake recipes for someone who admittedly doesn't really cook is impressive.

c.) and... did i ever tell you that in addition to our current cat (Minerva) her predecessor was peeves? they may not be children, but it may be all the more reason that getting pets isnt all together a horrible idea...

Mama Reg said...

hello tiffany!!

it is diana regimbal, ohioan who became a tennessean for a few years, now back to ohio :)

i have been following for a little while now, and i have to tell you I LOVE HARRY POTTER!! so does mike. we are counting the days.

you worded it to perfection. another dose of potter love. we cant wait.

Tricia said...

I cannot wait until the new movie comes out. I am getting ready to start the series over, only because I know I missed things my first time around! Thanks for reminding me!

Tracy said...

"Austin and I took a college course on Harry Potter and his literary predecessors."

That sounds really fun! I just started reading the first book yesterday and I'm liking it so much that I'm finding creative ways to have alone time with my book at work. I'd like to commit myself to the entire collection this summer but a friend just lent me the complete Twilight series and I'm not one to pass up a vampire with large, alluring hair.