Monday, June 8, 2009

Have You Seen Me?

So, this is me...two years ago, I believe. My hair is a different color. I have no idea where those sunglasses are, and Moira doesn't look that little anymore. Still, I think I look pretty much the same. I'm (boohisssgrrrr) heavier now due TOTALLY to this tadpole I'm growing in my size 97 belly. But that isn't my fault in the slightest.

Well, I've been told that I look like my mom. I've been told I look like my dad. I don't really look like either, but whatever. People feel the need to say you look like one parent or another. I think the next time someone tells me I look like my dad I'm going to tell them that it is impossible because I was born of a torrid love affair between my mother and her Chinese hematologist, which would be funny on many levels. (You get more levels if you know my mother).

If I had to pick one, I think I do look structurally more like my dad and his mother's family. I like my dad's family, both sides, Scott and Jordan. I knew the first time I met Uncle Johnny (Jordan side) that I finally found my family. The Jordans make inappropriate comments at all times, and love to laugh. That was all it took for awhile, but I have since found more in common with my grandmother's family.

Anyways, I was talking to my great uncle on Facebook last week and decided to look through his pictures. He had some fun photos of Paris, one of himself dressed as a Harry Potter character (love it) and some old family photos as well. Being the youngest of an older family, his photo album had some really great grainy pictures of old men and women I know by name but never got to meet.

One in particular was of interest to me. My grandmother and other various family members have told me throughout the years that I look like my great aunt, who died a number of years ago. Her name was Arwana, and for whatever reason I didn't have a mental image of her face. I do have a large number of great aunts, after all.

So here she is...what do you think? Am I now able to claim that I have a family look-alike?

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Anonymous said...

Holy moly! Yes you are! You have found the link. Maybe you should fix your hair and makeup that way and get a black and white picture taken just for the fun of it. :-)